Connection Kit

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This is a great deal on a package of very useful components. Most Big-Box Stores are selling the USB - MicroUSB cable for more than $10, and another $10 or more for A/C Wall Adapters.  Get this handy and useful Connection Kit while supplies last and use it for powering all your devices and gadgets!

The Connection Kit gives you everything you need to get your AMENDMENT 1 up and running quickly and easily. No need to dig through drawers or hunt through bins of old cables! The Connection Kit also doubles as a travel kit with everything you need to charge your extra devices, plug in at the Hotel or Airport, and plug into a network outlet. The A/C Wall Adapter comes with two USB slots to maximize charging potential in those precious outlet sockets and can accommodate 1.0 or 2.1 amp devices.  Power two of your devices at the same time or power your AMENDMENT 1 and charge your device while you browse on an encrypted and anonymous connection. If you travel like we do, the Connection Kit is a handy tool wherever you go! Included in the Connection Kit:

  • Dual 1.0 amp and 2.1 amp AC Connector
  • 1' CAT6 Cable
  • 3' USB to USB Micro Cable