Technology for People who Think

Technology used to be a tool. Today, technology is a social force and it structures the way we interact with the world around us. It watches on every street corner. It scans license plates on the toll road. It recognizes faces at the airport.  Until recently, the way we interact with the world around us was structured by laws and policies. The history of the world could be rewritten in the context of the right to control the rules under which we live.  Now, what is not explicitly set in law is structured in code, in the technology you use, and in the services that rely on technology. Rules set in computer code are meant to structure interactions between humans for the economic or social benefit of their producers.  There are many everyday interactions formerly structured by social institutions that are now literally codified in… well, code.  Competition in this evolving digital world means you will need the right kind of tools.  Having the right kind of tools means you are someone who is thinking about technology.