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STEM is for the Doer

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are tools on which our modern economy and society are built. STEM Education is focused on giving young learners the tools and training they need to succeed in tomorrow's world of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Data Science, and Smart Technology. While there will never be a substitute for "book learning", the world of STEM is the realm of the "Do It Yourself" superstar. Dive in, get smart, and make it happen.  But we all know the Internet is not the place to set young learners free without supervision. Too many web destinations are trying to subvert good intentions and distract supple minds with trashy flash and uninformative celebrity nonsense.  Even quality Internet tools and websites are filled with advertisements not fit for youthful eyes. So how can you give wings to learning without constant worry?

Safe Web Filtering Technology

stemply's Safe Web Filtering Technology is the key to focusing learning activities. stemply takes the approach of putting the filtering at the source - your child's computing workstation. Why set up complicated web filters and censors at your home network hub only to find you have to make a choice between a "safe" network and one you actually want to use? stemply implements three layers of web filtering and ad blocking to protect your child and ensure they only interact with quality content and online learning.

How does Safe Web Filtering Technology Work?

The first layer of safety is implemented inside the Chrome browser by selecting DuckDuckGo as the default search engine and strict "Safe Search" criteria. DuckDuckGo is a first-rate search engine that respects the privacy of its users and never tracks or sells user data. It is one of the fastest-growing search engines available today and is perfect for curious minds who want to explore safely.DuckDuckGo Safe Search

uBlock OriginThe second layer of Safe Web Filtering Technology is the inclusion of uBlock Origin in the Chrome Browser to block pop-ups, malware, adware, and onsite video and advertising in the browser.  uBlock is super-fast, secure, and like all of the software in stemply, it is open source so you know there are never any surprises lurking in your software.

stemply restricted url alert

The third layer is the inclusion of internal network level proxy software that analyzes all traffic to and from the Internet. The proxy compares all traffic to a master list of sites categorized by content type and curated by researchers at a leading academic institution on a daily basis. This proxy is aware of more than 2 Million Adult sites and counting, with additional listings for hundreds of thousands of malware, warez, phishing, hacking, filesharing, chat, social media, and many, many more sites. If any traffic between stemply and the browser matches the list, it is blocked at the network level and an alert is presented to the user this content is restricted by stemply.

All of these steps not only keep your child safe from malicious code and inappropriate material, they dramatically increase privacy - only sites and destinations you choose will be able to interact with your child. Finally, all configurations are protected by a single-entry administrative password just to make sure that you stay in control of all settings

How do I know it will block the right sites?

While we all agree on certain standards, everyone has their own ideas about what is appropriate for their own children.  We also recognize that as children grow older they may be ready for more mature subject matter and stemply will evolve with them. Parents, using the Master Password, can edit all sites and Safe Web Filtering Technology.  Out of the Box, stemply is set with the highest and strictest standards of Safe Web Filtering available and adjustments can be made in a variety of degrees of control.  Using the Master Password, parents can add or delete entire Web Domains (eg,, partial websites (eg,, or entire web category types (eg, "Blogs"). stemply includes a simple search and edit interface built into the operating system that only allows changes with the Master Password.

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