Standard 2-Day Business Shipping from the U.S. Postal Service or UPS Ground is less than $10 for most locations in the continental United States.  There are no handling fees associated with packaging or the construction of individual products.  Shipping overseas can range widely depending on distance, country, and logistics provider.  Please use the checkout process to determine the best combination of options for your needs. We are constantly working to lower shipping fees and taxes and we appreciate your input and suggestions, please let us know your thoughts!



Typically, all units are in-stock at all times even though each product is a unique hand-made, carefully-crafted bespoke item (yeah, we are proud of it). This means we will ship all in-stock items within 1 business day. You will be notified at each stage of order, packaging, shipping, and delivery by our system and you can contact us at any time to check on your order. 


Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your AMENDMENT 1 for any reason simply return it within 30 Days of your purchase date in working order and Cognitive Metropolis will refund your purchase price minus a 20% restocking fee*.  No Questions Asked… But we’ll be curious, so maybe just tell us how we can do better.


To Return your AMENDMENT 1 just Contact Us and be prepared with a copy of your invoice. We look forward to helping you!

* Why Restocking Fee? Well, we aren't just going to put it back on the shelf, you know! We will tear it down, test all the components, delete the memory, and separate the computing hardware from the case and switch electronics to determine what, if any, issues impacted the unit. Based on that testing we will then refurbish or recycle as necessary. Whew! That takes time...