Pink Protester

January 21, 2017


On January 21, 2017 we happened to be at our favorite Burger Joint in downtown Colorado Springs and as we sat waiting for our order it became apparent a large crowd was amassing.  The crowd was so large it spilled out of the main park and into the downtown streets.  I stood and walked over to the window to see what was happening and as I did the march began in earnest.  About that time, two middle-aged women stood and began making their way out of the restaurant. As they approached me, they took two bright pink knitted caps from their bags and put them on their heads. I moved to get out of their way and they paused to let me take in the majesty of their hats.  As I gawked, they smiled great big and much to my dismay and confusion said, "Where's your P#ssy?!" Then they giggled a little and walked into the crowd. At the time, I'm afraid I didn't have an answer.  Well, for this January 21st we'd like to introduce the AMENDMENT 1 "Pink Protester".  Here's to you, Ladies!