Internet Activism

  Protesting on Washington

Free Speech. Who will say something controversial if they know it will go on their “permanent record”? Think of public figures and how they speak in couched, equivocal language, unless it is the absurd. We all know it is because they are being recorded! Celebrities, politicians, and corporate leaders frequently say nothing of meaning because they know all too well how easily it can be used against them in the future. Every dialogue of merit has a subjective and objective victor and everyone wants to be a winner. Which of us will voluntarily be remembered for being on the losing side of a debate? There will be no Free Speech in a world where everything is documented as part of a permanent record. The AMENDMENT1 protects your ability to speak freely in public forums and debates.

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  Freedom of the Press

Freedom of the press. Free Press publications regularly rely on people willing to talk to them and speak the truth to expose corruption and misdeeds. Freedom of the Press relies the same technologies as the AMENDMENT1 - Tor networks and services - to initiate dialogue with whistle-blowers. The more Tor nodes there are, the more robust it makes the anonymity network. By using the AMENDMENT1, you are helping to protect those who have the courage to speak out. The more client nodes that exist the more anonymity and privacy is created. Let’s give shelter to those who are willing to risk it all to protect our most-cherished principles of freedom and truth!

  HTTP Error Fahrenheit 451

Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances. In the Summer of 2017, the US Department of Justice made the unprecedented move to request the email, IP Address, and logs of every visitor to a  popular protest and organizing website. How will we exercise our right to petition the government for redress and organize peaceably if such actions are liable to criminal subpoena? More importantly, how do you know the information you see every day isn’t being censored right now? Are you sure you can reach the information resources vital to protect your freedoms? Are you sure you can check the news in other countries without being filtered by your geographic location? Is it just “other countries” that censor what their citizens can see on the Internet? Your freedom depends on the ability to check for yourself with AMENDMENT1.

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 Net Neutrality is Democracy of Information
 Democracy. Net Neutrality is the principle that democratic ideals should be applied to information on the Internet and that information is a form of speech that is free and unfiltered. Those who would disrupt Net Neutrality depend on knowing where you are located, where you are going, and what you are seeking on the Internet. The presence of tools like Tor and the AMENDMENT1 undermine the reliability of network monitoring. If it is impossible to say with confidence what people seek on the Internet, or where they are located, how can content be blocked?  With the AMENDMENT1, you are not just anonymizing your activity, you are undermining attempts at ending Net Neutrality.