Rock and Roll Forefathers

Rock And Roll Forefathers

The United States was founded when greedy aristocrats over-taxed the basic joys of daily life. What is a tax if not an imposition on everything you do? Why is it “ok” that even when we pay for internet service, it is still legal for those providers to sell data on everything we do online? What does it mean to pay for goods and services but have no ownership rights?  Why are you giving away all your data, preferences, demographics, purchase history, contacts, and everything else for free? Wow… talk about “taxing”.

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Mixtapes are Technology too

What ever happened to MixTapes? When was the last time you recorded your favorite shows for watching later, to watch as many times as you wanted, while skipping commercials… with no monthly fee? What does it mean that it is legal to share or resell DVDs, Blu-Rays, VCR and Audio Tapes but you own nothing on your computer hard drive? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others own every picture and quip you post, share, or “Like”. Why don’t Copyright and Intellectual Property law protect your private data, credit history, and health insurance information?

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The corporate and university networks at your work and school are not a haven from prying eyes. At work, all of your email, Internet traffic, text messages, video conferences, apps, websites and anything you do on your work computer or smartphone is being monitored through the corporate network. That goes double for when you travel and use the corporate VPN. Universities are jealous guards of bandwidth and the content flowing over their networks. What are you saying on social media? Are you sharing something objectionable? Are you sharing files? Is your speech offensive to others?

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Born to be Wild

Stop and ask yourself how often you censor your self-expression when using technology. Think about it for a minute and be honest with yourself (no one can record your inner-most thoughts). What does your internal monologue say; is it making excuses for you? “Well, I only hesitate when…” If you don’t ever hesitate then you are either very brave or everything on this site is a revelation to you. You should feel free to express yourself, to be yourself, and to do it with confidence. How is it that one day our forebearers woke up and said, “I’m tired of having a King. Let’s do something different” but today we live under the tyranny of those who tax our every digital action. Express your freedom with the AMENDMENT1.