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Internet of Things Architect


Tim - Internet of Things Architect

Born in the heartland of the United States just before the last manned flight to the Moon. Taught that when you speak, you say what you mean; when you give your word, you keep it; you never betray a friend and most importantly, you always stand up to bullies. Childhood was a steady diet of Star Wars, Batman, X-Men, John Mellencamp, and bumper stickers that declared, “Better Dead than Red”. Believes that technology and old-fashioned American ingenuity will free us from drudgery, starvation, and decrepitude. Worked for the big names in technology, aerospace, energy, and manufacturing as a Management Consultant, Enterprise Architect, and Director of Technology.


Jon - Engineer

The original maker. Grew up in the woods of the Ozarks where “hitting things with sticks” was a local sport. Not a weekend passed without crafting a sword, crossbow, or grappling hook. Tested the limits of Stretch Armstrong, crafted jets from Balsa Wood and Bottle Rockets, and made Q-Tips and Sewing pins into painful (if not deadly) weapons of Ninja Stealth. Believes that you measure twice and cut once, anything worth doing is worth doing right, and “by Grayskull, I have the Power!”. Worked in the Air Force as a Crew Chief on the F-16 and F-117 “Stealth Fighter” and in telecommunications as an award-winning Manager.

 Business Manager

Carmen - Business Manager

Grew up in the mountains of Northern California where everyday was punctuated by clean air, mountain vistas, and natural beauty. Walked to school uphill in the snow both ways and loved it! Radio and Television Pop Culture was something for the big city; days and nights were spent with friends and family. Believes each day is an opportunity for outdoor activity and every chance to hike, bike, or run should be embraced with gusto. Worked as a Research Manager for public schools and universities, and in manufacturing as a Business Manager.